No More Manually Checking Tire Pressures!

Checking tire pressures is no longer a chore for us! PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system lets us check tire pressures anytime, even while driving down the road! The wireless Sensors which replace the valve stem caps are easy to screw on, but we found that we needed to use needle-nose plyers to hold on to the rubber valve stems on our car, as those valve stems tend to turn.

Next time we have our tires changed, we will have them put on metal valve stems. Now we can be assured that we will be alerted of low tire pressure before driving becomes unsafe, and the Monitor will even give us the location of the problem tire and the real-time pressure of the tire. But we also can easily check tire pressures anytime by merely pressing a button on the Monitor and by scrolling through all of our tires. We don’t even have to get our knees dirty anymore by kneeling down to find the valve stem!

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