The New Doran TPMS System

Doran Manufacturing has come out with their own TPMS system, called the Doran 360. They are no longer a Distributor for PressurePro, although they may still have some left-over stock.

Word has it that that Doran is being sued for Patent Infringement and Breach of Contract by the PressurePro company. I would be leary of buying any new product such as this, especially when there are legal issues involved.  Important Note: Doran never did manufacture PressurePro, nor does it manufacture its new product, the Doran 360, which is actually manufactured in China.  Fred M.

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  1. tpms says:

    To answer your question, Doran used to sell PressurePro (although they were not the manufacturer as they implied). For various reasons, the factory would not sell to them anymore, so they switched to another TPMS which is manufactured in China.

    L&S Safety Solutions is the N. American Distributor for the original PressurePro which is manufactured in the USA; they have been on the market longer than any other TPMS.

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