Truck Accident

Jack-Knifed Truck Accident

Recently a truck accident caused a jack-knife on the highway very close to the off-ramp we were going to take. It was determined that one of the tires had a blow-out, causing the driver to apply the brakes, which resulted in the jack knife. Traffic was stopped for hours. Most “blowouts” are not really blowouts, but happen because a tire may have picked up a nail the day before causing a slow leak. Then the tire eventually overheated, finally resultilng in a blowout.

Of course, some blowouts are caused because the tire hit something in the road, or the tire was old and came apart. But with the PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system, the driver would have been alerted the day before the low-pressure tire, and the tire could have been fixed or replaced before costly damage occurred. PressurePro truly is great peace of mind!  Pat M.

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