PressurePro Teams with Solar Car Team

Solar Car Team

The University of Michigan (“UM”) Solar Car Team will be using the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System on their race car, August 2009, at the World Solar Challenge in Australia, starting in Adelaide and ending in Darwin. PressurePro joins with UM in their quest for developing alternative energy sources and in developing energy-efficient technologies. PressurePro also helps drivers “drive green” by helping reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. The Solar Car is powered entirely by energy from the sun.
Efficiency is key when racing a Solar Car, so always making sure the tires are properly inflated is paramount. PressurePro’s high pressure alert feature warns drivers of excessive tire pressures and tire temperatures, which can lead to a possible blow-out due to tires overheating, and is a major cause of concern when racing. PressurePro has proven to be a highly reliable, accurate, and easily installed Tire Pressure Monitoring System using wireless tire pressure monitor caps which replace the valve stem caps.


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