Great Customer Service!

Customer Service

I very much appreciate the customer service and time you have taken to explain to me the science and logic behind tire and monitoring system use and care. The #1 worry by far that I have had with our large travel trailer is the tires. We care enough about safety to have purchased a Hensley Arrow hitch, which does such a terrific job at stopping sway, that we have never felt a difference during any of the four flat tires we have had on the trailer. We now feel we can drive with confidence and understanding that, should tire problems develop, the PressurePro system will give us fair warning to prevent damage to the trailer tire.

It is a pleasure to deal with an honest, committed knowledgeable professional like you, especially one so generous with his time to answer my many and sometimes repeated questions. We’re really looking forward to our upcoming 7,000 mile trip with the knowledge and tools you helped us obtain.

Jim Eckman

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