From Chicago Mack

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).  I have been associated with PressurePro for many years attesting to their professionalism, excellent management team, business acumen and product engineering.

The agility of this company to adapt quickly to changing market and product dynamics has been impressive. The challenge to meet and provide solutions to a varying market from light to heavy duty product is complementary in a highly complex environment of telemetry and hard product.  PressurePro has exceeded expectations delivering on customer and product demands over and above the industry requirements. Engineering and manufacturing is well established and continues to impress the experienced in their ability to adapt to an ever changing market demand for product application.

I have initiated and followed through with product evaluation on several major class 8 fleets from general freight to refuse.  The product after several years of trial testing functioned as designed and without fault. The TPMS product immediately resulted in improved fleet efficiencies, better tire pressure management, fewer breakdowns, improved fuel consumption and a reduction of manual labor required to perform tire pressure checks and record the data.  Return on investment is immediately realized by the end user.

My credentials:  Retired executive, 30 plus years with a major truck manufacturer, involved and directed customer service, after market support for product, both direct and ancillary to dealers and customers worldwide. My strong and longtime product, industry and market experience, qualifies me to endorse both Advantage PressurePro, LLC as a company and their product offering as advanced engineering and manufacturing, lead by a highly skilled management team.

The industry, both light and heavy trucking, is experiencing an awareness of the advantages of proper tire pressure management on improving tire life, fuel consumption, down time, labor cost, vehicle handling, stability, braking and safety as well as the benefits of reduced carbon emissions.

The enthusiasm for this product has intensified year over year in nearly all market segments.  TPMS studies indicate the significant savings that are realized in real dollars and carbon emissions reductions through maintaining proper tire pressures and documenting this information to management systems.  PressurePro is capable of providing this information with a reliable and accurate product.

Russ Raine

VP Customer Satisfaction

Chicago Mack

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