TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Update

TPMS is now available for trucking fleets. PressurePro has introduced the World’s first fully automatic system made for fleets which can monitor from 1 to 64 wheel positions. The new “Drop and Hook” system provides continuous tire pressure monitoring for fleets of all sizes and applications. While maintaining PressurePro’s market-leading benefits of reliability, durability, ease of use and simple installation, the latest Drop and Hook Monitor was designed to add simplicity to multi-tractor fleets.

The Drop and Hook system communicates with J1587 Intelligent Repeaters over the J2497/ABS Netowrk and can also transfer data from the J2497 network to the Tractor J1708 network.

 Offering in-cab and/or remote monitoring for tractors and trailers, plus the capability to integrate to current or future telematics systems, PressurePro remains the best source for the most advanced TPMS solutions, worldwide.

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