Close Call – on a horse trailer

Saving the tire

Last month, on my way to Tennessee with my truck and horse trailer, my pressure pro alarm went off for my left front truck tire. Sure enough, I had rolled over a roofing screw and was leaking air slowly. I drove straight to a tire repair place and was able to have the tire repaired while my horse lounged in the trailer. Most tire shop workers don’t see horses often, so all the cell phone cameras were out snapping away. What a HAM. As I drove away, I thought, “Man, that TPMS just paid for itself.” I would never had known my tire was leaking and probably would have had a blow out on a steering truck tire, even if I had checked the tire pressures at the start of the trip.

Then, last week on my trip home from Brown County, I was zooming along the highway in a construction zone when the TPMS alarm went off again, this time the rear drivers side horse trailer tire. Well, what do you know, I drove over something that caused a nice sized hole in the tire. I was able to pull over to a safe place before the pressure in the tire dipped below 60 pounds, saving the tire and who knows what else if that tire had blown.

Thanks for a great product,
Tom Pompei

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