PressurePro & Verso Controls tpms

Integrated Telematics/TPMS System

Verso Controls, an emerging Telematics leader in Mexico, is now integrating with tpms and telematics. Verso’s VerSoGIS system can be utilized by fleets to bring both added savings and safety to their travels and fleet operations.

A TPMS can provide real-time tire pressure and temperature readings and alerts as well as advanced monitoring options, including data logging, drop-and-hook applications, remote monitoring, custom alerts and fully integrated solutions with leading Telematics providers.

To wirelessly monitor tire pressure and temperature along with satellite and cellular-based tracking devices and software, PressurePro technology can help to improve the Mexican transportation industry.

The PressurePro Intelligent “Drop & Hook” Monitor can monitor up to 64 wheel positions (16 on the Tractor, 16 per trailer, and on up to three trailers). There are two low-pressure alert levels as well as variable high-pressure alerts, and also high temperature alerts (more info).  Pressure readings can be read in PSI, kPa and BAR. 

Saving fuel, driving safely and reducing operation costs are all important aspects of a tpms system which can link with satellite and cellular-based tracking devices/software. 

Verso’s systems can utilize GPRs, GSM and Bluetooth, as well as Zigbee protocols to fit the specific communications needs of individual customers by using robust telematics terminals which are capable of sending a variety of sensor information and GPS data to a remote web system. The Mexican transporation industry stands ready to aggressively attack the wide-open marketplace of the need for Telematics, resulting in adding significant savings and safety to their operations.

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