Time for New PressurePro Sensors?

Is it time for new Sensors for your PressurePro System? If you have had your system for a number of years, you may be nearing the life span of your Sensors.

We are often ask how to know if your Sensors need replacing or are getting near their end of life. If your Sensors are 5 years old or older, you may be getting near the Sensor life span.  There are often some subtle indications also that the batteries in your PressurePro Sensors are running out of juice. One such indication may be the increase of missed signals where you receive three dashed lines in the display area. Another may be strange pressure readings such as very high or very low pressures. And, of course, if the battery indication icon in the lower right corner of the monitor comes on, you will need to replace your Sensors.

The advantages included in replacing your older Sensors are that you do not have to worry about them again for several years and you will receive the latest technology sensor available.

If it’s near that time, give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide you a quote for your replacement Sensors.


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