One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “Why are my PressurePro Sensors not sending a signal?”

As with any wireless device, the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System sends wireless signals from the PressurePro Sensors to be received by the PressurePro Monitor inside the cab of your RV, truck or car. These signals are subject to all of the other signals and interferences of the real world.

The signal from your PressurePro sensors is basically a line of sight signal that is affected by metal, electronics and other wireless transmissions. The PressurePro Sensor also requires a physical connection to the valve core pin that releases the air pressure to the sensor to be read. If there is no connection between the Sensor and the valve core pin, air is not being released to the sensor.

We will cover one of the more common missed signal reasons in each blog. The second reason we will discuss is the configuration of your tractor/trailer, RV, 5th Wheel setup or any other configuration you may use to drive down the road.

Configuration of your pull and tow vehicle.  In a perfect world, your PressurePro Monitor on your Tire Pressure Monitoring System should be able to pick up the Sensors from as far away as 300 feet. Because of the interferences built into any pull/tow vehicle setup, there will be metal, electronics and other built in interferences in which case the PressurePro Sensor signal will now be affected by a combined effect of these interferences and the distance that the signal must travel.

It is common that to overcome these distance and interference obstacles that additional signal boosting or reception is required. Two solutions are available from L&S Safety Solutions and PressurePro. The first is a cables antenna kit which provides a 35 foot cabled antenna, http://tirepres.wwwss21.a2hosted.com/pressurepro-tire-pressure-monitor-accessories/

This cabled antenna kit in effect moves the reception point of your PressurePro Monitor from the cab area to the rear of your pull vehicle and much nearer to the PressurePro Sensors.This obviously cuts down on the distance and interferences that the signals must travel through.

The second common solution is to use the PressurePro Echo Repeater, http://tirepres.wwwss21.a2hosted.com/pressurepro/echo-repeater/

The PressurePro Echo Repeater is most frequently used in an RV or 5th Wheel environment where 12V power is readily available and the Echo Repeater can be used inside the vehicle, The Echo Repeater will pick up the signals from your PressurePro Sensors and “boost” the signal to your Monitor. The Echo Repeater can be placed in the rear of a RV, in the tow vehicle or in the 5th Wheel.

Generally, there is an easy fix to “missed” signals from your Sensors. Make the most of your PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System!

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