Missed PressurePro Sensor Signals?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “Why are my PressurePro Sensors missing sending a signal?”

As with any wireless device, the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System sends wireless signals from the PressurePro Sensors to be received by the PressurePro Monitor inside the cab of your RV, truck or car. These signals are subject to all of the other signals and interferences of the real world.

The signal from your PressurePro sensors is basically a line of sight signal that is affected by metal, electronics and other wireless transmissions. The PressurePro Sensor also requires a physical connection to the valve core pin that releases the air pressure to the sensor to be read. If there is no connection between the Sensor and the valve core pin, air is not being released to the sensor.

We will cover one of the more common missed signal reasons in each blog. The first reason for missed signals that we will discuss is the random signal miss.

Random signal loss due to interference. This type of signal loss occurs when the Monitor is attempting to update each wheel position every five minutes and the signal is not received from the PressurePro Sensor. This is most frequently due to the position of the Sensor as it rotates on the wheel. If the sensor happens to be inside the wheel well when this update takes place, the signal may not be received. There may also be random electronic interference that blocks that one signal such as heavy electronics from a passing truck.

In this case, the Monitor will indicate a missed signal from that wheel location by displaying three dashes lines. This type of signal loss is not a cause for concern and generally the missed wheel location will be updated on the next Monitor update.

In the ensuing five minutes from a random missed signal, the PressurePro Sensor is still monitoring the tire pressure. If there is a real pressure loss, the Sensor will automatically begin sending a continuous “machine gun” signal of low tire pressure which will be receive by the PressurePro Monitor and you will receive a low pressure alert. If there is no low pressure reading, the Monitor will generally pick up the Sensor signal on the next update as normal.

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