How PressurePro TPMS Can Make Your Life Better

Thirty years ago, Dale had a horse fall on him, putting him in a power wheelchair. Because of his independence, Dale constructed a special tractor which has become his office away from home and also pulls his travel trailer.
The tractor and his condition have created some challenges for him such as easily checking tire air pressure every day and being aware of possible low tire conditions. Dale and L&S Safety have worked together to come up with a PressurePro system that meets his needs as well as works functionally on the custom tractor which has an extended cab and additional equipment which made picking up sensor signals more difficult than on a normal tractor trailer. The PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring system has already saved him from one low tire condition on an inner dual that he would not have been aware of.
Thanks to our friend, Dale, for allowing us to share his story and a picture of his awesome tractor trailer.
L&S Safety can also help you with your specific needs in being able to monitor your tire pressures.

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