How to Boost PressurePro Sensors Signals

Depending on the length and type of motorhome you have, tractor trailer rig or 5th Wheel, as well as whether you have a tow vehicle or not, you may need a method to boost your sensor signals or extend the reception antenna nearer to the rear of the vehicle.

Over the years and through experience, L&S Safety Solutions has found typical parameters that may require the use of additional sensor boost or extended antenna for your PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

For a typical tractor/trailer rig using PressurePro TPMS from L&S Safety Solutions, using a cabled 35′ exterior antenna is the most reliable way to go. this antenna is mounted on the rear of the tractor to aid in picking up sensors from the trailer and has been found to be very reliable.

For the RV user with a PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System, typically signals can be picked up until the length of the motorhome reaches more than 38 feet and there is a tow vehicle. Motorhomes of this length are generally diesel pushers and the mass of the diesel engine is interference to the sensor signal. In this case, the cabled 35′ antenna may be used, but many RVers prefer using an “Echo Repeater”. This hardware will receive the sensor signal from the two vehicle and boost the signal to a higher power level for better reception and can be mounted inside the coach or two vehicle.

Always rely on the PressurePro experts at L&S Safety Solutions.


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