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About Us

sailboat1Peaceful Vacation – About Us: Many years ago, before RV tire pressure monitors such as Pressure Pro were available, we were traveling through the beautiful Mohave Desert in the typical summertime 100+ degree heat.

We were on our way to Las Vegas and Lake Mead, towing our 19′ sailboat behind the RV. We had places to go, people to meet, shows to go to, prior reservations, and deadlines to meet.

Yes, we should be more leisurely and not book things so tightly, but we were not retired, and were trying to see a lot in a short amount of vacation time.


Suddenly a car pulled up alongside us, the occupants holding up their fire extinguisher and pointing to the back of the RV (interesting that they had a fire extinguisher in their car)! I knew instantly that we had a problem with the sailboat trailer.

After stopping, I learned that we had been literally dragging the boat and trailer down the highway with the hull of the boat only ½” off the road surface.

I observed that the sailboat trailer had no wheel, no fender, no leaf springs, and the axle was broken. Also, the axle grease was on fire and the axle was melting down into the asphalt. We were so close to a impending terrible disaster (an outboard engine full of gas was also on the back of the sailboat).

No Help!
I immediately called our trustworthy insurance company who had emergency road-side service, asking them to send out a flatbed truck for the sailboat & trailer.

We were an hour from the nearest town, but he soon arrived, only to tell us there certainly was no way he could handle a sailboat and that he could not help us, cautioning that if we left it overnight in that area, it would be completely vandalized by dawn!

We then propped up the sailboat trailer with wood blocks that I had luckily kept in the RV basement, dismantled the 8′ axle, put it in the RV (down the center isle) and drove to the nearest town.

We finally found a large repair place that had a welder on site. They informed us that they would have to order parts and it would take about 3 days. As I mentioned, we had places to go and deadlines to meet, so that was unacceptable!

I asked to go look in their warehouse and “junk yard” and finally came up with the parts we needed, including the leaf springs. I proceeded to tell the welder where to weld what, and the project was finally completed about 6 hours later.

Rushed, Dangerous!
Now we had a rush against time, as it would be dark shortly. We raced back to where we had left the sailboat on the highway, crawled under the trailer, and finally got the trailer back together with the repaired axle. It was dark, by now, so we were using flashlights.

The last part was to hook up the electrical on the trailer, but alas, I could not get the wiring to work. However, we started out again and proceeded down the road trying to find a place where we could safely stay for the night.

After only about 2 miles, we thankfully came across a rest stop, and stayed there for the night.

In the morning, I was able to fix the wiring, and we were again on our way, after having cancelled one show we would not be able to attend.

Never Again!
We did not ever want to go through that kind of experience again!

The Idea!
Thus the inspiration to try and come up with some sort of a tire deflation alert system!

After doing a lot of research with my own idea and then starting the patent process, I learned about another company attempting to come up with a similar idea; we eventually joined up with them. The result was the emergence of PressurePro™ TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems).

About Us
We are now proud to be the U.S. Distributor for Pressure Pro TPMS. It certainly gives peace of mind to those who own it. And once you own it, you won’t know how you lived without it!

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