Cold Weather Low Pressure Alerts

Are you getting numerous irritating low pressure alarms? Cold weather may be the cause of low pressure alerts on your Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  If you see low pressure alerts, particularly in the morning, they may be caused by the colder weather. The problem can be resolved by removing the Sensors for 30-60 seconds in [...]

Tire Inflation Pressure and Longer Life Tires

While reading Mark Quasius’s article about “Weighing Your RV” in my July 2014 issue of Family Motor Coaching, I was reminded of a learning experience I had a number of years ago when my motor home tires required replacement.  Many of you may also have noted that your tires’ treads show uneven wear via having [...]

Truck Tire Failures

Smooth running tires assure peace of mind for truck drivers Breakdown! The 2nd most common cause of truck tire failures accounts for 26% of commercial vehicle breakdowns. Only about 15% of tire-induced breakdowns are due to sudden tire damage; the remaining 85% start with slow leaks. However, drivers usually notice this gradual air loss too [...]


For over 18 years, interest in Tire Pressure Monitoring products have grown from TPMS for RVs and autos to light trucks, tractor/trailers, buses and heavy industrial equipment users. Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen interest in the PressurePro TPMS grow exponentially. Drivers and fleets of all types understand the significant benefits TPMS provides. The [...]

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Everyone knows that checking tire pressure is an appropriate safety precaution, but how many people actually check their tire pressures right before they leave each day? Even fewer people check it each time they leave a restaurant, ball game, office etc.  A tire pressure monitoring system (“TPMS”) can be crucial, as it saves you the [...]

PressurePro Facts

THE CAUSE: PressurePro Facts PressurePro Facts – The Department of Transportation estimates that 37% of all tires on American roadways are under-inflated. THE EFFECTS: Under-inflated tires waste over 5.4 million gallons of fuel everyday (over 2 billion gallons each year) in the U.S. alone. Low tire pressure is the #1 cause of tire failure and [...]

Tire Upkeep

Improve your gas mileage with proper tire upkeep Tire upkeep can boost safety and fuel economy. As stated in at “One in every three cars has a significantly underflated tire; 660 fatalities and 33,000 injuries occur every year as a result of low tire pressure-related crashes.” Higher temperatures in the summer also increase [...]

Commercial Motor Vehicle TPMS

Commercial Motor Vehicle The load-carrying capability of a tire is critically linked to the inflation pressure. Fleet operators will generally select a particular “target pressure” for their trucks based on the unique load, operating, and environmental conditions in which they operate. If not properly inflated, the useful tire life, as well as safety is compromised. [...]

PressurePro Benefits

Benefits Below are some of the benefits that are listed by L&S Safety Solutions for their PressurePro tire pressure monitoring systems at PressurePro monitors tires 12,343 times a day! Monitors tires while moving or while parked! Increases useful tire life by informing the driver of the underinflation! Saves fuel by informing driver of the [...]

No More Manually Checking Tire Pressures!

Checking tire pressures is no longer a chore for us! PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system lets us check tire pressures anytime, even while driving down the road! The wireless Sensors which replace the valve stem caps are easy to screw on, but we found that we needed to use needle-nose plyers to hold on to the [...]

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