Product News

Bike Tire Pressure

Under-inflation is the major cause of over-heating Bike Tire Pressure The PressurePro Motorcycle TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is now available! Bikers have long awaited a reliable TPMS for their bikes, including their side cars/trailers to alert of their present bike tire pressure. PressurePro is a wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system and is capable of monitoring [...]

Motorcycle TPMS

The long-awaited PressurePro motorcycle TPMS version (Monitor and up to 6 Sensors to include side car etc.) is now available, giving drivers the ability to easily monitor bikes, trikes and motorcycle trailers.  Any existing alerts will be in evidence as soon as the Monitor is electrified.  Press a button to check each tire’s air pressure. The system can alert you [...]

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Update

TPMS is now available for trucking fleets. PressurePro has introduced the World’s first fully automatic system made for fleets which can monitor from 1 to 64 wheel positions. The new “Drop and Hook” system provides continuous tire pressure monitoring for fleets of all sizes and applications. While maintaining PressurePro’s market-leading benefits of reliability, durability, ease [...]

The New Doran TPMS System

Doran Manufacturing has come out with their own TPMS system, called the Doran 360. They are no longer a Distributor for PressurePro, although they may still have some left-over stock. Word has it that that Doran is being sued for Patent Infringement and Breach of Contract by the PressurePro company. I would be leary of buying [...]

Updated RS232 Truck Monitor

A recent Product Update was published announcing the RS232 Truck Monitor which is a communication pathway between electronic products. PressurePro truck Monitors can now be ordered with updated RS232 communication capabilities. RS232 allows TPMS to be monitored and fed, via RS232 through a GPS type “box” in the vehicle, to an office or remote site. The Monitor can [...]