Close Call – on a horse trailer

Saving the tire Last month, on my way to Tennessee with my truck and horse trailer, my pressure pro alarm went off for my left front truck tire. Sure enough, I had rolled over a roofing screw and was leaking air slowly. I drove straight to a tire repair place and was able to have [...]

I’ll Recommend You

To:  L&S Safety Solutions/PressurePro Wanted to say THANK YOU for your assistance!  That did the trick (merely replacing the sensor rubber gasket). Thank you for the customer service, willing to sell me the low-cost option to fix the problem, not the higher-cost option of buying a new sensor.  Appreciate it very much. Also just a [...]

From Chicago Mack

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).  I have been associated with PressurePro for many years attesting to their professionalism, excellent management team, business acumen and product engineering. The agility of this company to adapt quickly to changing market and product dynamics has [...]

Thank goodness we had your system!

To PressurePro RE Our Experience with Pressure We own a 2006 Allegro Bus and in Feb. of 2007, we added the Pressure Pro system to both the coach & towed vehicle. On our trip from our residence in Florida to our summer home in ND, we had not one, but two incidences where our monitor [...]

Thanks from Australia

Hanson Construction Materials Hanson remains one of the world’s leading heavy building materials companies operating in North America, the UK, Australia, Asia Pacific and Continental Europe. Hanson Construction Materials at Kulnura Quarry, have been using the Pressure Pro wireless tyre pressure monitoring units for over 12 months on a fleet of Five X-Komatsu 50t dump [...]

“They work great”

I wanted to let you know I received my monitor and tire sensors and they work great. In fact, I’ve had 2 tires go bad in the last 2 weeks and the Pressure Pro caught them both before they went flat and caused an accident and/or damage. The system has paid for itself already. Thanks [...]

PressurePro Saves Us Money

Outside the tire Sensors made sense to us Back in 2005 we were looking for a tire pressure sensor system that would integrate into our fleet that was cost effective and user friendly, and that  also saves us money. After researching other products we found that the PressurePro would best suit what we wanted in a tire pressure monitoring system.  We [...]

Great Customer Service!

Customer Service I very much appreciate the customer service and time you have taken to explain to me the science and logic behind tire and monitoring system use and care. The #1 worry by far that I have had with our large travel trailer is the tires. We care enough about safety to have purchased a [...]

Thanks from Nebraska

To: L&S Safety Solutions Date: 6-23-09 Several Years ago we purchased a PressurePro system from you and have used it every mile we have towed our trailer. In June 2009, we were traveling in Nebraska on I80 when the Monitor started beeping, warning that the left front tire of our Airstream trailer was low (54 [...]

Radar Roy’s Vacation Saved by TPMS

A new client of ours, “Radar Roy” purchased our tire pressure monitoring system for his Renegade Motorhome for his vacation trip to Sturgis a few months ago. Roy called us several days into his trip saying that the PressurePro system saved the day by reporting low tire pressure in a rear dual tire. On further [...]

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