PressurePro Green Driving

Green Driving


PressurePro is environmentally friendly, conserving our precious natural resources and promotes “Green Driving”. Go Green!


  • Longer tire wear due to proper inflation management
  • Increased fuel savings due to properly inflated tires
  • Fewer retread casings/blowouts/road debris
  • Reduced rubber particulates affecting air quality
  • More even tread wear due to proper inflation
  • Avoid excessive wear and casing damage
  • Helps reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions, decreasing tire waste
  • Alerts of tire problems before driving becomes unsafe
  • Check pressures even while driving
  • Saves fuel and improves mileage due to properly inflated tires
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Proven reliability and durability–manufactured/developed in the USA

PressurePro – for peace of mind.

Having instant, accurate tire pressure readings while rolling down the highway provides a great peace of mind. It is easy to check the tires at anytime, and comforting to know if any tire begins to lose pressure, the system will alarm. The system is easy to install and to use.

David – Allen, TX

I’m happy to report that after our trip to Alaska and back (over 10,000 miles), everything performed as expected. I am able to read the pressures easily from inside the cab. Having the system on gives me peace of mind – just as you stated. It’s so easy to check my tire pressures now at the mere press of a button! You have provided us with great service–thanks!

Gaylon – Houston, TX

Over five million gallons of fuel  is wasted due to under-inflated tires (that’s over two billion gallons each year)!

It has been estimated by the Department of Transportation that properly inflated tires could eliminate 250 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions per vehicle per year! That’s more than 57 1/2 billion lbs. of Carbon Monoxide pollutants every year!

Green driving can result in promoting longer tire wear by having properly inflated tires, decreasing the risk of tire disintegration, ply separation and casing breakdowns!