Horse Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor

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Monopole Monitor

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PressurePro has been leading and developing the tire pressure monitoring systems (“TPMS”) market and technology since 1991; also available for horse trailers.

PressurePro offers drivers continuous tire pressure readings, providing added safety and security on the road. Check the air pressure on your vehicle tires whether it is parked or moving; the Monitor/receiver alerts when the pressure drops to unsafe levels.

Proper tire inflation greatly reduces the potential of a flat tire or blowout on your vehicle and/or horse trailer that can lead to unwanted road-side emergencies, damage to vehicles and/or your horses, and even resulting in personal injury. Save time, fuel, tread wear, add safety and “Drive Green” with Pressure Pro.

Pressure Pro’s basic system consists of two main components:  Sensors/transmitter (lightest in the industry) which are wireless, and a Monitor.  Easy installation: Sensors screw onto the valve stems of your tires, replacing the dust caps (one for each wheel), and transmit a coded RF signal which alerts to pressure drops and increases. The Monitor is Velcro mounted in the cab of your truck or vehicle, and displays each tire’s pressure; it also provides an audible and visual alert to low and high pressure situations via lcd lights.


  • Common uses include systems for Horse Trailers, Truck, Tractor/Trailer, RV, Off Road (mining), and 5th Wheel vehicles.
  • 1 to 34 wheel positions depicted on monitor (only your wheels will be displayed)
  • Instant alert of low-pressure tires—watching surveillance cameras while driving is dangerous!
  • Offers great peace of mind while towing
  • RS232 capable data feed (real time)
  • Displays a temperature measurement from the Sensor; sends to the tire management program (a high-pressure alarm will also alert you).
  • Low Pressure Alerts at 12.5% & 25%
  • Variable High Pressure Alerts from 10% to 45% (factory set at 24%)
  • One 12 volt lighter accessory power cord and a 3.5 inch monopole antenna are included.
  • May need a Cabled Antenna Kit for better reception; kit is required for tractor/trailer vehicles.
  • Order Sensors separately, one for each wheel to be monitored.

Power: 12V DC


Connector: USB Mini B style


Dimensions: 6.5?W x 3.0?H x 0.5?D


Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM


Pressure display: PSI, Bar, or kPa

Whether your need is safety, savings or efficiency, you need something you can rely on; you need PressurePro! The owner of the 2005 AQHA Superhorse uses PressurePro–you should too!

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