PressurePro How It Works

PressurePro™ … your best choice!

How TPMS Works:

L&S’s PressurePro™ is a wireless, electronic tire pressure monitoring system, which can alert to low tire pressures, giving you added safety and economy while driving. This latest state-of-the art system is reliable, durable, accurate and easy to install! PressurePro™ is today’s latest, high-tech product in tire pressure Monitoring system technology.

PressurePro™has two basic components: Sensors, which are screwed on to each tire’s valve stem, and a small portable dashboard Receiver/Monitor. The Sensors continuously assess the air pressure in each tire and when it drops below an automatically set pressure level, a signal is transmitted to the dashboard Monitor. A flashing tire position light, an audible beep, and the real-time pressure, alerts the operator to the low-pressure tire. Should tire pressure continue to drop, a second more urgent alert beeps again.

Pressure Pro can be used on cars, RVs, trucks, trailers, commercial and towed vehicles. Three Monitor styles are available:

  • RV Monitor with towed vehicle, displays up to 16 wheel position
  • 5th Wheel/Truck version. displays up to 34 wheel positions
  • Car, Truck and SUV version displays up to 10 wheel positions.

Easily check your tire Pressure!
Merely press the Up or Down button on the Monitor; a scroll will be initiated to disclose each tire’s real-time pressure. However, if your tire pressure falls to dangerous levels, your system automatically alerts when tire pressures fall by 12.5% and again at 25%. Also includes high-pressure and high-temperature alerts.

Quick and easy!
Want to effortlessly check your tire pressure? Pressure Pro will enable you to check your tire pressure anytime while moving, or stationary, by simply pressing a button on your dashboard Monitor.

Added driving confidence!
All experienced RV drivers have been faced with a situation where they wonder if the sound they hear or the wobble in the road is an indication that a tire problem has developed. With the PressurePro™ System you can check your tire pressure instantly.

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We can accept your Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring System order online. Just choose your Monitor style and enter the number of Sensors you need. Click here!

NOTE: This system is meant only as a low tire pressure Monitoring system which can alert you of a pressure leak or a low-tire situation. PressurePro™ is more than a tire gauge, but it will not prevent a catastrophic tire failure (tire bursting). But it can alert when the tire is losing pressure, which can cause the tire to overheat when the pressure is too low.

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