PressurePro Auto, Light Truck, SUV TPMS Installation Abbreviated

Six Wheel Monitor

PressurePro Auto, Light Truck, SUV

“Abbreviated” Installation Instructions

1.Before installing Sensors for your auto, light truck, SUV, (preferably in the cooler, early morning hours), firstly position the Monitor temporarily at the desired mounting location. Plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter socket (or use an optional hard wire). When the power is on, the green light below the “SET” button flashes once every 5 seconds (“Normal Mode”).

2.To install the first Sensor, place the system into “Program Mode” by pressing and holding the “PROG” Button for 5 seconds; the small green power light will stop flashing and will become a continuous green light. The front left (driver’s side) tire location light on the Monitor display will begin to flash. (The words “NO SEN SOR” will scroll across the digital display on a new installation.) . If this is not a location you want to install a Sensor on, use the “UP” or “DOWN” arrow buttons to move the flashing light to the desired location, and then screw a Sensor onto that tire. Note: The system will exit the “Program Mode” if there is no activity for 10 minutes. If this happens, simply place the Monitor back into the “Program Mode” when you are ready to continue with your installation.

3.Once the Sensor has been screwed onto the valve stem of the tire at the location denoted by the flashing location light, TIGHTEN Sensor FIRMLY BY HAND. USING A TOOL TO TIGHTEN CAN DAMAGE THE Sensor AND VOIDS THE Warranty. HOLD VALVE STEM WITH HAND OR NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS TO ACHIEVE A TIGHT SEAL. Listen for the “release” of air when screwing on the Sensor. Turn Sensor approximately 1 ½ to 2 full turns after hearing the air release.

4.With the Sensor screwed onto the valve stem, the Monitor will display a Pressure Reading for that tire; this can take up to 60 seconds. This initial pressure reading sent from the Sensor is your BASELINE pressure. (The Sensor has two low-pressure alerts as well as a high pressure alert.)

5.Once a pressure reading is displayed, press and hold the “PROG” button for about 2 seconds until the flashing wheel location light on the Monitor moves to the NEXT TIRE LOCATION. This locks in that Sensor and its electronic code to that wheel position in the Monitor.

6.After installing the last Sensor, and it displays a pressure reading, YOU MUST AGAIN PRESS AND HOLD THE “PROG” BUTTON UNTIL THE RED FLASHING LOCATION LIGHT MOVES TO THE NEXT TIRE LOCATION. If this is a tire location that already has a Sensor installed, it will simply display 3 dashes (—). Then, to move from “Program Mode” and into “Normal Mode” (flashing green light) press the “SET” button. The system is now installed and operating. Note: To turn the system On or Off, simply unplug it; the memory will not be lost. Check for leaks: Cover/spray Sensor and any extensions and valve stems using 1 part liquid soap to 2 parts water; look for bubbles indicating a leak.

7. Complete a permanent installation of the Monitor with provided Velcro or purchased mounting accessories.

Note: To sequentially check that each tire’s pressure displays on the Monitor, press the “UP” or “DOWN” button. Note that if the Monitor has been disconnected, you must wait at least 5 minutes for the Sensors to resend their update signals to their new locations. Until this happens, scrolling will show only 3 dashed lines, or it will still show the previous readings.

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