Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice?

We are the worldwide leader in tire pressure monitoring systems. Why is PressurePro Your Best Choice?


This U.S. made TPMS is designed to display 24/7 real-time tire pressures and can alert to low as well as high tire pressure; it has also been tested to work under all types of conditions.

Reliability of the communication signal is the key to PressurePro™ systems.

A strong signal and sensitivity to the communication requires a unique engineering design to capture the signal under all types of conditions including outside electronic interference, weather and other vehicles.

As with cell phones, signal interference is always a possibility, but this monitoring system has been designed with repeated signals to ensure reliability.


The system has been tested in all types of weather conditions, and has been shocked/dropped tested to prove its durability.


The Pressure Pro Tire Sensors immediately transmit accurate low and also high-pressure readings and alerts when they occur.

When the Sensor’s automatically set trigger pressure set points are breached for either a -12 1/2% low, and again at -25% low; or at a +24% (variable) rise in tire pressure, the Monitor emits an audible alert, identifies the problem tire’s location via a flashing light, and shows the real-time pressure of the tire.

The Sensors accurately (usually within +/- 0.5 psi) assess the air pressure in each tire 12,343 times every day, and send an update to the Monitor 24/7!

No one knows monitoring systems for tires like L and S Safety Solutions. As the North American Distributor, we have more than 15 years experience in the TPMS business. Our dedication to safety, savings and peace of mind is our primary goal. If you’d like more information about this U.S. made system, contact us at L&S Safety Solutions, 800-521-6820  (928-660-8744).