Looking For A TPMS?

Are you looking for a TPMS?

The PressurePro wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System could be the safest investment you ever make for your vehicles. It is also the most cost-effective product on the market. Save time and money while adding efficiency.

For recreational vehicles, towed vehicles, cars, trucks, tractor/trailers, heavy equipment, emergency and specialty vehicles, off road vehicles, motorcycles and more.

The system is a wireless electronic tire pressure monitoring system (“TPMS”) designed to read and display tire pressures. The dash-mounted Monitor can alert the operator to underinflated tires as well as high tire pressures, and displays both the actual tire pressure and temperature. Small tire Sensors replace the valve-stem caps and transmit wirelessly to the Monitor. And this TPMS is more reliable than the average tire gauge.

Whether moving or stationary, current tire pressures can be displayed on demand. The PressurePro System communicates (real time) via RS232  to a serial port for fleet applications, and now comes standard with data logging capabilities.