Monitors Both the RV and Towed Vehicle

TPMS Monitors Both Vehicles

PressurePro TPMS: PressurePro™ monitors both the RV and car, or truck and trailer, or it can monitor  just the towed vehicle, or just the RV/truck. Tire Sensors can be added on to suit one’s needs, i.e. one can start by only buying a Monitor and 1 to 4 Sensors, and then adding on more Sensors later.

One version of the Dash-Mount Monitor will Monitor up to 10 wheels, another version will Monitor up to 16 wheels, and another up to 34 wheels. Some cars already have another tire pressure monitoring system (“TPMS”) on them, but Pressure Pro has the advantage of reading tire pressures from inside the cab area (from the driver’s location in the RV, truck or car). PressurePro™ will not interfere with other TPMSs.

There is a button on the Monitor that is labeled “F/B”–meaning Front or Back. For those who have Sensors on both the RV and the car, one might, on occasion, want to just drive the RV without the car, i.e. to take it to their RV Dealer for maintenance.

The F/B button has 3 pushes to it: One push will turn off the lights on the Monitor for the car, temporarily stopping its scan of the car wheels; the second push will turn off the lights for the RV, temporarily stopping its scan of the RV; and the third push will connect the RV and car lights so the Monitor will scan the tire pressures on both vehicles.

The system is very versatile, in that one can take the Monitor from the RV, and plug it into the cigarette receptacle of the car, thus using it for a day trip or whenever the RV is not in use.

The F/B button should be pressed until just the lights for the car are activated, so the Monitor will only be scanning for the tire pressures of the car.

The Sensors can also be taken off and put on any other vehicle, such as a truck/SUV and a boat trailer, horse trailer, etc.

Putting them on another vehicle in their same respective locations (front left to front left, front right to front right etc.) will eliminate the need to reprogram the Monitor. However, it would only take a few minutes to reprogram if that is the desired methodology.