PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitor Button Functions

 Tire Pressure Monitor Systems - Button Functions:

  • “SET” Button

When in Normal Mode – Pushing “SET” button briefly will light
up all tire locations that have been programmed.

When in Program Mode
– Pushing “SET” button exits Program Mode.

  • “PROG” Button

Entering Program Mode from Normal Mode: Hold “PROG” button (approx
5 seconds) until the green light below the “SET” button remains on
(not blinking).

Deleting a Single Location: With a tire location selected, holding “PROG” button
for approx 20 seconds (while in “Normal Mode”), will delete that
tire location from the active list. Note: After approx. 5 seconds, green light
will remain on; continue to hold “PROG” until the green light and
the selected tire location turn off (approx. 10 seconds). Display will show “Del”.
Deletion of Sensor is complete. Then press the “ON” button to return
to Normal Mode.

Deleting All Sensors at One Time: All installed Sensors can be deleted simultaneously
by holding the “PROG” button for approx. 45 seconds. (This is what
happens – after a few seconds, the green light will go solid; holding for another
10 seconds and “DEL” appears on Monitor face and continuing to hold
for 30 seconds deletes all readings; Monitor now will display “No Sen

  • “UP” & “DOWN” Buttons

In Both Normal and Program Mode: Push “UP” arrow to rotate selected
tire location clockwise. Push “DOWN” arrow to rotate selected tire
location counterclockwise.
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