PressurePro Installation for Autos Abbreviated

Installation Procedure: 

1.DO NOT PUT SENSORS ON TIRES! First, position the Monitor temporarily at the desired mounting location (so it can be moved for best signal reception).  Plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter socket (or use optional hard wire).  When power is on, the green light below the “SET” button flashes once every 5 seconds.

2. PLACE THE SYSTEM IN “PROGRAM MODE”: Press and Hold the “PROG” Button for 5 seconds; Release “PROG” when the small green power light shifts from flashing and become a continuous green light. The front left (driver’s side) tire location light on the Monitor display will begin to flash.  You are now in Program Mode.  (The words “no SEn Sor” will scroll across the digital display on a new installation.)  Note: The system will exit the “Program Mode” if there is no activity for 10 minutes.  If this happens, simply place the Monitor back into the “Program Mode” when you are ready to continue.

3. SCREW A SENSOR ONTO THE VALVE STEM of the tire at the location denoted by the flashing location light.  Tighten firmly by hand, or with the optional PressurePro Sensor installation tool. Using any tools (other than PressurePro tool) can damage the Sensor and voids the Warranty.  IMPORTANT – Listen for the “release” of air when screwing on the Sensor. (It is not unusual for the dill valve to be seated too deeply in the valve stem.  Check dill level by testing with thumb nail – placing nail straight onto the plunger to ensure it opens and a burst of air is released.)

4. WAIT FOR THE MONITOR TO DISPLAY A PRESSURE READING. This can take up to 60 seconds and is the only time a pressure reading will be displayed while the Monitor is in “Program Mode”. This initial pressure reading from the Sensor is your BASELINE pressure.  Alerts are based off this BASELINE pressure.   Be sure to extend the telescoping antenna out for best reception.

5. ONCE A PRESSURE READING IS DISPLAYED, LOCK IN SENSOR by pressing and holding the “PROG” button until the flashing tire location light on the Monitor moves to the next tire location, this normally takes about two seconds. This locks that Sensor’s code to that wheel position in the Monitor and must be done to retain that Sensor’s ID. If you do not want to install a Sensor to the next wheel location, use the “UP” or “DOWN” arrow buttons to move the flashing light to the next location desired and install (repeat from step 3 forward). Do not forget to lock in the final position. It is OK if this next position is one with a Sensor already installed, the screen will simply show 3 dashes (—).

6. TAKE MONITOR OUT OF PROGRAM MODE & COMPLETE INSTALLATION. To get Monitor out of “Program Mode”, tap the “SET” button. The sensor(s) are now installed and operating. Check for leaks by coating the Sensor, extension and valve stem with a solution of 1 part liquid soap to 2 parts water – look for bubbles which indicate a leak. Complete a permanent installation of the Monitor with provided Velcro or purchased mounting accessories.

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