PressurePro Testing Signal Strength and Diagnostics

PressurePro Diagnostics Procedure

1. To get to Signal Strength Testing  and Diagnostics – Press and hold the SET button to change the diagnostic display contents from packet counts to the background “signal” level. While holding the SET button, 3 digits will appear. The left two digits indicate the RF ‘noise level’ the Monitor is experiencing at that time, and the right-hand digit display which shows as “A” (meaning Ambient). This tells you how much RF interference is present at that time and location. Levels over 5 can be considered ‘noisy’ and will make it more difficult to receive Sensor packets. The lower the number, the less interference. Once the SET button is released, the signal-level status of the Sensor selected is displayed.

2. In Signal-Level status display mode, the left two digits give an indication of the RF signal strength level above the background ‘noise’ level – measured during the latest packet. The right-most digit is the temperature code received from the Sensor. 0 indicates -40C. 1 = -20C; 2 = 0C; 3 = 20C; 4 = 40C; 5 = 60C; 6 = 80C & 7 = 100C (Sensor melting range).

3. The Monitor will pick up transmissions from both the Sensor on the tire and from the Echo Repeater. If the transmission is from the Echo Repeater, the reading could come in as 5.C with a decimal point between the 5 and C. If the signal is a Sensor strength signal, it would read as 5C (with no decimal).

4. Signal strength of 1 or 2 is marginal reception; some signals will not be received. Signal strength above 4 is good. Average signal strength is in 5 to 6 range.

5. The toggle sequence between packet counts and signal level can be repeated as desired with each press of SET. Toggle sequence is:

1. Packet count (decimal point).

2. Background noise level while SET held.

3. Sensor signal strength (no decimal point) or repeater signal strength (second decimal point) depending which was the last signal to be received for that programmed Sensor.

4. Background noise level while SET held.

5. Cycle repeats.

  • Pressing “ON” or “SET” at any time will cancel the diagnostic mode and blanks the display, returning Monitor to normal operation and display.