PressurePro Auto Tire Pressure Monitoring System Manual

Auto Tire Pressure Manual

PressurePro is a wireless electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) designed to Monitor and display Auto Tire Pressures; it is capable of displaying current tire pressures on demand, whether moving or stationary. Note that it is a Monitoring System and will not prevent tires from losing pressure or failing.

The system can be used for Autos, RVs and Towed Vehicles, Trailers, Buses, etc.

Low pressure is the leading cause of premature tire failure and the Pressure Pro RV tire pressure monitoring system can provide early notice of potential problems and assist in maintaining proper pressurization in vehicle tires.

The system can be used on all pneumatic tires.

Pressure Pro consists of two basic components: Tire Sensors which screw onto the valve stems of the tires, and a Monitor.

The Sensors transmit a coded RF signal and can alert if pressure drops. The Monitor displays each tire’s pressure and can send an audible alert if tire pressures drop.

During an alert, the low tire location light flashes on the Monitor, the current pressure reading for that tire flashes, and an audible alert sounds. The system can alert at two (2) low pressure levels:

The first alert occurs when tire pressures drop more than 12.5%. A second, more urgent alert occurs if tire pressures drop by more than 25%.

A variable high pressure alert, set to your specifications, (see Setting Upper Pressure Alert on pg. 6) alerts to high tire pressures. As with many RF products, signal interference is a common occurrence. There will be times when interference can prevent a reading.

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