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Extended Cabled Antenna Kit (P/N ABPCA-SMA)
Extended Cabled Antenna Kit
  • For use with monopole Monitors only
  • 35 ft coax cable and SMA & TMC connectors. One end attaches to the Monitor and the other end attaches to 7 inch whip antenna (included).
  • Most tractor/trailers require the Antenna Kit to ensure better reception
  • Mounting bracket included
Price: $50.00
Pulse Fixed End Power Cord – (P/N ABPC20)
Pulse TPMS+ Connector
  • Connects to PULSE TPMS+ Monitor to 12-volt power outlet (accessory outlet)
  • 8 ft 6 pin cord
Price: $15.00

Pulse Dipole Antenna (Part # ADPMA)
  • Connects to PULSE TPMS+ Monitor
Price: $25.00

Hard Wired/Stripped End Power Cord (P/N AAPC3)
Stripped End/Hard Wire Power Cord
  • Hard wire to a power source and to Monitor via USB plug
  • 8 ft cord
Price: $8.00

Cigarette Lighter Plug/Fixed End Power Cord (P/N AAPC1)
24/12 Volt Cigarette Lighter Power Cord
  • Connects Monitor via USB plug to 12-volt power outlet
  • 8 ft cord
Price: $10.00

AC/DC Wall Plug-in Kit  (P/N AAPACDC)
AC/DC Wall Plug-in Kit (Converts 110-volt AC to 12-volt DC on PressurePro Monitor)

  • Kit includes power cord and AC/DC converter
  • Power cord connects converter to all Legacy Monitors and Echo Repeater
  • Converter plugs into standard 110 AC outlet and USB port
  • For use in vehicles that do not have a 12-volt power source
  • 8 ft cord
Price: $17.00

24/12 Volt RS232 Fixed End Power/Data Cord (P/N ACPC9)
RS232 Power Cord
  • Connects to 24 or 12-volt power source
  • RS232 data cord required for downloading data from Monitor
  • Utilizes DB9 connector for downloading to a computer serial port
Price: $15.00

Molex Power Cord  (P/N AAPC11)
Molex Power Cord
  • Jacketed, 5-wire, 10′ power cord with MOLEX connector
  • For use with Intelligent Repeaters and BRIDGES
  • Open ended for connection to tractor/trailer wiring network
  • Supports Open Collector function; wired for J2497 & J1708 networks.
  • 10 ft cord
  • Non stock item. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
Price: $65.00

Molex T-Breakout Cord  (P/N AAPC14)
Molex T-Breakout Power Cord
  • For use with Intelligent Repeater on trailers/dollies
  • Jacketed, 2-wire, 8′ power cord
  • Molex connector on one end/T-Breakout on other for easy link to vehicle network
  • T-Breakout attaches between the male/shroud of the Weather Pack connector of the standard ABS harness (no splicing necessary)
  • Non stock item. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
Price: $75.00

Visor Clip/Suction Cups  (P/N AAPVC)

Visor Clip/Suction Cups

  • 2 clips per set
  • Fits onto Monitor from top or bottom for installation onto visor or window
Price: $10.00

Sensor Seal Kit (P/N ABP21)

Sensor Seal/Installation Tool Kit

  • Includes ten (10) hard plastic core depressor “stem seals” with “O” rings, and one (1) installation tool
  • Allows secure installation of seal replacements into Sensor
  • Note: Seals do not need replacing unless they have become damaged.
Price: $14.00

Sensor Lock Kit (Theft Deterrent)
Sensor Lock Kit
  • Includes small custom wrench and 10 jam nuts for 10 wheel positions.
  • Not required for standard installation; use for theft deterrent purposes only.
  • Additional 2 nuts supplied upon request but inside duals normally do not need this theft deterrent.
Price: $12.00/kit

Dashtop Monitor Mounting Bracket
Dash Top Monitor Mounting Bracket
  • Bracket mounts on dash area (no screws). Monitor attaches to bracket via Velcro for upright position. (Does not include Monitor.)
  • 2 ¾” W x 2 ¼” D x 1 ½” H
  • Velcro included
Price: $6.00

Monopole Antenna -2.5 inch (P/N ACPPMA)
Monopole Antenna 3.5 Inch
  • For use on SMA connector on Monitor (required if not using cabled antenna kit).
Price: $10.00

Replacement 6″ Monopole Monitor Antenna for Extended Antenna Kit
Straight Wire Whip Antenna - 7 Inch •Order this 6″ Monopole Monitor Antenna if you have the Cabled Antenna Kit and require a replacement antenna.•Also used for use on Intelligent Repeater.
Price: $22.00

TNC Antenna Adapter
TNC Antenna Adapter
  • For 3.5″ SMA antenna when using with TNC connection on Intelligent Repeater, or if connecting to end of 35′ coax cable.
  • Not a stock item. Allow 4 weeks for delivery.
Price: $6.00

T-Valve Stem – Regular

T-Valve Stem

  • Screws onto tire valve stem – allows Sensor to be installed with trailer air-up systems.
  • When increasing tire pressures, must remove tire Sensor for one minute to establish new trigger alert pressure.


Price: $8.50

Motorcycle Monitor Mount
Motorcycle Monitor Mount
  • Mount attaches directly to handlebars of motorcycle for easy viewing
  • Aluminum clamp tightens using a 9/64 hex key, included with mount
Price: $29.00

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