PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitor Products


To order tire pressure monitoring system products from PressurePro’s L&S Safety Solutions, choose and click on the most appropriate Monitor style for your type of vehicle from the list below, and then click on “Add to Cart”. Then add the desired number of Sensors (one Sensor for each wheel to be monitored) and any other items you wish to order (be sure to order the proper power cord, i.e. fixed end/cigarette lighter power cord, or stripped end power cord). Free shipping for PressurePro orders over $199 (excluding Battery Exchange Sensors which are already discounted).

Motorcycle TPMSMonitor up to 6 Wheels
Use with motorcycles/trikes, sidecars, trailers, ATVs
PressurePro TPMS for cars and trucksMonitor up to 10 Wheels
Use with Auto, SUV, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Buses, Trucks
PressurePro TPMS for trucks with trailersMonitor up to 16 Wheels
Use with RVs, Towed Vehicles, 5th Wheels, Trailer Options, Buses

TPMS for busses and tractor trailersMonitor up to 34 Wheels
Use with 5th Wheels, Trucks, Tractor/Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Waste & Concrete Equipment, Off Road

  • Monitors 1 to 80 wheel positions and 5 vehicles for small fleet drop and hook capabilities. Advanced technology with 6 customizable temperature, pressure and cross axle alerts.

Intelligent Drop Hook Truck Monitor

PressurePro monitor for 64 wheelsMonitor up to 64 Wheels with the Intelligent Monitor for Drop-and-Hook Fleets
Use with Tractor/Trailer(s) for “Drop & Hook” Applications
PressurePro monitor for 64 wheelsMonitors 1 to 64 Wheels. For use with – Tractor/Trailer(s) for “Drop & Hook” applications
Programmable TPMSMonitor to Program all Bridges, Gateways and Universal Repeaters
PressurePro Intelligent BridgeMonitor up to 64 Wheels with Intelligent Bridge
Transfers Data from J2497 Network
PressurePro Intelligent BridgeMonitors up to 16 tires each on tractor
Communicates with up to 9 Universal Repeaters simultaneously (160 tires total)
PressurePro Intelligent BridgeMonitors up to 16 wheel positions
Pressure Pro repeater to extend range on tpmsUse as a signal booster on mid-to-large vehicles
PressurePro Tire Sensors(Order one for each tire to be monitored)
Replaces the valve stem caps/transmits tire pressures
Battery Exchange Sensor(Order one for each tire to be monitored)
Sensor exchange for Sensors over 4 years old
PressurePro large(Order one for each tire to be monitored)
For use with large bore industrial valve stems

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