PressurePro Tire Pressure Sensors

NOTE: Order one Tire Pressure Sensor for each tire to be monitored


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Price: $50.00 each

Tire Pressure Sensors

The Tire Pressure Sensors replace the valve stem caps. PressurePro Tire Pressure Sensors are attached to each tire’s valve stem and replace the valve stem caps to measure and transmit tire pressure. Pressure readings are automatically and wirelessly sent to the dash-mounted Monitor (order Monitor separately).

Order Sensors:

a.When purchasing to build a system (requires Monitor and Power Cord with order)
b.For Replacement Sensors - requires Monitor Serial Number (on back of Monitor under bar code)

New Sensor Seal solution, effective October, 2012 uses a 2-piece valve seal system comprised of a hard plastic Dill Pin pusher/depressor, preventing damage from over-tightening. Also includes a rubber O-ring which can endure repeated loosening and installation of the Sensor.

We sell only the latest and newest ”High-temp Sensors” which are direct from the PressurePro factory, and are more durable than previous versions. The Tire Pressure Sensors feature high tire temperature casings, and can also be used with refuse trucks and when experiencing high-heat applications.
Price Match:  We will match or beat prices for any other PressurePro offer! 
Note: Sensors will not work with the Lectronix R5000 display.

Weight: .6 oz (17 grams)
Dimensions: 1.11″ Dia. x 1.01″H
Pressure Range: 8-299 psi
Effective Signal Range: Line of sight 300 ft.
Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Temperature range: -40° F to +302° F
Accuracy: +/- 3% range up to 120 psi; +/- 5% for 120 psi and higher

Price: $50.00 each



Please use the most current exchange form. Thank you.

Batteries in the Sensors last 4-7 years. A light  in the lower right corner of the Monitor (looks like a small battery) will come on when the batteries are low.  Simultaneously, the Monitor will flash the location  to indicate which Sensor needs new batteries. However, the battery light only stays on for about 2 weeks, so if you haven’t noticed it, the Sensor battery will then be dead, and the light won’t show anymore.

Procedure for receiving new replacement Sensors:  The cost of a replacement Sensor with new batteries is less than the cost of the original new Sensors. Print out the Battery Exchange Form, send form and old Sensor(s) via first class mail to:

L&S Safety Solutions, Battery Exchange Program; 2513 W. Rock Island Ave., Flagstaff, AZ, 86001.

You will receive BRAND NEW Sensor(s) with new technology, and new batteries, at a discounted price to existing PressurePro owners. Call for current pricing. Include your Sensor(s) along with your contact information and credit card number or a check. A padded envelope is fine to use. New Sensors, with new batteries, will be sent to you within the week.