PressurePro Made In USA

 Made in the USA

Pressure Pro is proud to be the only TPMS product to be designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

The product is Reliable, Durable, Accurate and Easy to self-install.

Easy to Install

The system is a high-tech, easily installed wireless tire pressure monitoring system which will give you added safety and economy while driving.

Simply screw the “smart” Sensors (trigger pressures are automatically established) on the valve stems and Velcro-mount the Monitor in the vicinity of the driver.

Monitor Each Tire

The Monitor shows the position and pressure for each tire while you are stationary or while driving down the road, and also offers Sensor signal strength diagnostics.

The Receiver displays each tire’s pressure and sends audible and visual alerts for low tire pressures, as well as for variable upper levels (to detect high temperature tires); a flashing red light shows the location of the problem tire.

Pressure Pro is the ultimate monitoring system to monitor your vehicle tires! Easy to self-install!

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We have dedicated more than 20 years to providing drivers with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Our commitment to safety, savings and peace of mind, is the reason we are the U.S. Distributor for PressurePro™.

We are confident that our TPMS is the solution for you.

For additional information about our products or to become a Dealer, contact us at:

L&S Safety Solutions: 800-521-6820  (928-660-8744).

Have you checked your tires lately? This TPMS checks them 12,340 times each and every day!