The PressurePro Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor

Prevent Blowouts!

PressurePro Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor

PressurePro™ is a high-tech, easily installed wireless tire pressure monitoring system which can assure the driver of added safety and economy while driving.  The system is designed to display 24/7 real-time tire pressures and can alert/alarm to low tire pressure. PressurePro™has been tested to work under all types of weather conditions, and has been dropped and shock-tested to prove its durability.

The Pressure Pro Motorcycle tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) is now available.  Check tires even while riding down the road!  Provides peace of mind by monitoring up to 6 wheels (motorcycle and/or side car).  Uses a weather-resistant Velcro-mount Monitor and standard PressurePro Sensors.

The weather resistant digital unit monitors from one wheel up to 6 wheels on your motorcycle and/or side car as well as other vehicles (trailer/ATV); also shows the problem tire location and current tire pressure. Check and view your bike tire pressures while stationary or even while riding down the road on the easy-to read display.

Battery powered Sensors replace each valve stem cap and transmit air pressures to the Monitor.  Simply screw the “smart” Sensors (trigger pressures are automatically established) on the valve stems.  The Sensors accurately, usually within +/- 0.5 psi, assess the air pressure in each tire 12,343 times every day; updates are sent to the Monitor every five minutes 24/7!

The Monitor, mounted on the dash area via Velcro, emits an audible alert when a low-pressure tire condition exists, but the user can also easily read/review tire pressures anytime on the readout window to assure a safe ride.

A strong signal and sensitivity to the communication requires a unique engineering design to capture the signal under all types of conditions including weather, outside electronic interference, and other vehicles.


  • Monitor Dimensions: 3.6″W x 1.5″H x .8″D
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
  • Monitor automatically dims in dark/low-light conditions; brightens in bright light conditions
  • Uses standard size PressurePro Tire Sensors (order Sensors separately)
  • UV resistant display
  • Waterproof and fuel-resistant plastics
  • Includes integral built-in antenna and extended power cord with male/female plug
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Velcro mounts are provided free
  • Optional Handlebar Monitor Mount is $29
  • Sensor locks are optional
  • Price:  $175 plus $50 for each Sensor
  • Free shipping

L&S Safety Solutions has dedicated more than 18 years to providing drivers of cars/RVs/trucks/trailers with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.  Make sure you have one for your motorcycle too!

For additional information and details on this product and other models such as RV/car/truck systems, contact:

L&S Safety Solutions

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