PressurePro Tire Pressure Sensors

Pressure ProThe PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system is comprised of a Monitor and tire Sensors. The tire Sensors (transmitters), purchased direct from the PressurePro factory, simply screw onto the valve stems, replacing the caps; no tools are required. Sensors continuously assess the tire air pressures, and wirelessly transmit each tire’s pressure to the Monitor, mounted and located in the dash area, and which is powered by the cigarette lighter or it can also be hard wired.

The Monitor is secured with Velcro where it can easily be read by the driver. One can even check pressures and readings while driving down the road by looking at the display. State of the art technology monitors and reports tire pressures when requested, saving time and money by averting unnecessary tire problems. Saving a tire due to an early warning is less costly than having to buy a replacement tire.

PressurePro’s wireless electronic monitoring units can alert to low, as well as high pressures, resulting in added safety and economy. A low-pressure tire can eventually overheat, possibly causing a fire or major vehicle damage. Pressure Pro can be used on all types of vehicles, including RVs and the toad (car, 5th wheels, trailer), and for those towing a boat, etc., as well as trucks, including PressurePro’s Intelligent products for trucking fleets. And PressurePro is proud to say that their “Drop and Hook” system for fleets is the first fully automated system in the world, so less work and time is involved to install than for other systems which are not fully automated.

Updated Notice:  The  tpms unit for motorcycles is now available. The unit includes a smaller version of the Monitor, will be weatherproof, and can monitor up to six tires. Sensors are the same as those used on our RV and commercial vehicles.

Pressure Pro SensorPressurePro tire Sensors are the smallest in the industry, measuring 1.11” diam. x 1.01” high, and weigh only 2/3 oz. Sensors sense the pressure in the tires for each position; just put the desired pressure in your tire, screw the Sensor on, and it will assess the pressure in that tire; it then will automatically index down 12 ½% to set the trigger pressure. For example, if your tire has 100 psi, the alarm would go off on the monitor at about 88 psi. Worry free traveling and knowing about a problem tire before damage has occurred makes trips even more enjoyable when one does not have to worry about the tires.

Installing PressurePro Tire Pressure Sensors is easy and requires very little time; they simply replace the valve stem caps. Then press a button on the Monitor to lock in that position into the memory of the Monitor. Tire pressure information is then readily available, and one can now view each tire’s pressure at the touch of a button.

Sensor locks are also available which lock the Sensors onto the valve stem, if one is concerned about theft.

Pressure Pro TPMS for carsPressurePro, known as a pioneer and ‘original’ in tire pressure monitoring technology, continues to lead the TPMS market, worldwide. Manufactured at a state of the art facility, the system is designed and developed in Lansing, Michigan, and has a proven track record over other manufacturers. PressurePro products and technology are continuously being updated to ensure that customers receive the most advanced TPMS products at a reasonable price. The patented TPMS simplifies the tire maintenance process resulting in an overall reduction of fleet operating and fuel costs due to more effective tire pressure maintenance and increased tire life.

PressurePro is being sold through L&S Safety Solutions. Contact us today to order, or for more information/news or customer support call 800-521-6820  (928-660-8744) ; also view the video on our web site at Free shipping offers and periodic free items and/or accessories are also listed on the Home Page when you buy on the web.

PressurePro: Drive safe for peace of mind, and to protect your loved ones when you travel.

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