Tire Pressure Monitor

RV Monitors by PressurePro™

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The PressurePro™
  tire pressure monitor alerts users to low tire pressures, resulting in added safety and economy while driving. It is an electronic wireless tire pressure monitor system.

State-of-the art tire Monitor technology constantly monitors and reports pressures when the user requests them.

The system can be used on:

  • RVs
  • Towed Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Fleets
  • Trailers
  • Cars
  • ATVs
  • Commerical Vehicles
  • Motorcyles

Prevents Tire and Vehicle Damage!

A low-pressure tire will eventually overheat, causing premature tire failure and possibly a fire or vehicle damage.

An audible alert from the dash-mounted monitor warns of low tire pressure before driving becomes unsafe, giving the driver the opportunity to repair the tire before significant damage has occurred, thus minimizing cost and inconvenience. Fixing a tire is less costly than buying a new one and/or repairing your vehicle!

Pressure Pro Components

This U.S. made tire pressure system consists of two basic components:

  1. Sensors – Sensors simply screw onto the valve stems, replacing the caps. Small Sensors continuously assess the tire pressures, and wirelessly transmit each tire’s pressure to the Monitor, located in the dash area. Check pressures even while driving down the road!
  2. Monitor – Available in several models: Primary (RV) & Tow (reads up to 16 tires); Truck/5th Wheel (reads up to 34 tires); and the 10-Wheel Monitor for use on Auto, SUV, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Busses, and Trucks.  An additional model is available for use on Tractors (1-64 wheel positions). Models are equipped with Velcro for dash mounting, a cigarette lighter receptacle plug/power cord (a hard wire is optional), and attached antenna.

Finest Tire Monitoring System Available!

The PressurePro wireless tire pressure Monitor is capable of displaying current tire pressure on demand, whether moving or stationary.

It is a Monitoring system and will not prevent tires from losing pressure or failing, but the tire Monitor can provide early notice of potential problems and assist in maintaining proper tire pressurization.

The system can be used on all pneumatic tires, and is the finest tire pressure Monitoring system on the market.

Interesting Facts

Alerts – Monitors can activate an audible alarm, indicate which tire has lost pressure (beeps) and display the real-time pressures of all tires at any time. Sensor trigger pressures are automatically set to 12 1/2% and again at 25% under the cold running pressure for each tire. Upper pressure alerts  and temperature are also standard. The Monitor consumes about the same current as a car clock.

Casing damage – Low tire pressures lead to casing damage which causes tire failure, zipper rips and blowouts.

Heat buildup – Heat is one of the leading causes of tire failure. Low tire pressure leads to excessive heat buildup in the tire.

Fuel economy – Underinflated tires waste over 5 million gallons of fuel each day or approximately 2 billion gallons per year in the U.S. alone.

Convenience/Safety – L&S’s tire pressure Monitors and Sensors are quick, easy to use and install (no tools required); they also alleviate the time and effort of checking tire pressures manually. Be safer with properly inflated tires!

Protection – PressurePro™ can alert to low pressure when you need it most: when on the road at highway speeds (and possibly in remote areas) where a tire problem could be costly & dangerous.

Cause of over-heating – Under inflation is the major cause of over-heating, and contributes to:

  • Tire disintegration
  • Ply separation
  • Sidewall/tread breakdowns
  • Premature tire failure
  • Excessive fuel use
  • Decreased road safety


  • Cost effective
  • Tire Monitors are reliable, durable and accurate
  • Easily installed – No tools required
  • The tire Pressure Pro Monitors up to 64 tire positions
  • Reliable FM signal reception – No wiring required
  • Continuous tire pressure Monitoring, even when vehicle is parked
  • PressurePro Monitors RV and towed vehicle tire pressure
  • System is portable between vehicles
  • The RV tire pressure Monitor reads tire pressures up to 199 psi
  • Sensors mount externally on valve stems, replacing the valve stem caps
  • No rebalancing required in most cases
  • Provides audible and visual alerting
  • View current tire pressures at any time with the touch of a button

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