PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

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You feel the vibration in the steering wheel, handling is difficult and you finally have to stop due to a tire problem.

Traffic is rushing by, and you really don’t want to get out and change a flat. It’s not only dangerous, it’s also very inconvenient.

PressurePro TPMS adds greater safety for you and your vehicle by alerting to unsafe low tire pressure conditions.

Best TPMS on the Market!

No other aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring System brings the reliability, durability, accuracy, ease of installation and simplicity of use that this TPMS does.

Pressure Pro is the market leader and compared to any other system on the market – it’s the only system that will read up to 64 wheel locations with pressures up to 199 psi.

The system works on all vehicles with pneumatic tires, from autos to RVs, imports to domestic and from large trucks to motorcycles. Perfect for fleet owners and truck owner operators.

The system also constantly monitors the air pressure inside all your pneumatic tires, providing information which provides for greater safety and security for yourself and the vehicle.

Tires low on pressure run hot, damaging the casings and sidewalls and leading to tire problems. This TPMS alerts you to these dangerous tire conditions – allowing you valuable time to correct the problem.

Installation is Easy!

No tools are necessary to install PressurePro, and the system is easy to operate. Wireless tire air pressure sensors (caps) simply screws onto the valve stem replacing the dust cap.

TPMS Monitor

The TPMS Monitor is powered by plugging it into the cigarette lighter receptacle in the vehicle, and displays current tire pressure as well as warning of low tire pressure with both an audio & visual alarm.

TPMS Sensors

The sensors constantly read the tire pressure and transmit low-pressure readings immediately when they occur. When tire pressure is low, the TPMS monitor identifies the low tire position with a flashing light on that location and an audible alarm to alert to low tire pressure.

Disaster From Low Pressure

TPMS technology allows early detection of low tire pressures improves the possibility of repair and reduces the risk of permanent tire or wheel damage.

This tire pressure monitoring system is an investment in your vehicle and in your own safety and the safety of those with you; it gives you confidence in your tires’ performance, and peace of mind while driving.

Proper inflation increases tire life and will increase fuel efficiency; it also adds to greater handling, braking and safety comfort.

Accurate and Dependable!

The wireless on-board vehicle computer system has been designed to alert to low tire pressures – under all types of conditions and situations, and has been engineered for accuracy and dependability – alerting you when you have a drop in tire pressure.

Reliability, durability and accuracy gives you added confidence when it’s most important–on the road. PressurePro provides real-time tire pressure status, constantly monitoring tire pressures; it continues to be the easiest and simplest system to install and use on the market today

Save Money on Gas and Tires

Properly inflated tires use less fuel, reduce wear on tires, provide greater stability/handling and bring savings to those who use it.

With tires representing the only thing between your vehicle and the ground, you need to know what your tires are doing.  Properly inflated tires wear longer, saving hundreds of dollars to replace your tires because of premature wear due to low tire pressures.

Testimonials and Reviews

Rolling Down the Highway with Peace of Mind

The system is definitely easy to install and use; I decided on PressurePro as opposed to the Doran 360RV system, because it seemed more “user friendly”. .

It’s easy to check the tires at anytime; should any tire begin to lose pressure, the system will alert.

The tire sensors relay the pressures to the TPMS Monitor which we have sitting in the dash area of our motorhome.  Having instant, accurate tire pressure readings while rolling down the highway provides a great peace of mind.

We were so impressed with the fuel savings alone, that we now ordered another system for our Toyota!

Allen, TX

Fleet Owner says, “well worth every dollar”

We recently equipped our fleet with PressurePro after testing the wireless tire pressure monitors for several months.

I wanted to express my appreciation to you on your Aftermarket high performance TPMS which alerts to low tire pressure.

We have received positive feedback from all of our drivers on the Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System which they use on their pneumatic tires.
We’ve installed a number of the Tire Pressure Sensors on our trucks; the use of the system is paramount in drivers’ minds when they are driving down the road.

The reasonably priced low cost system is well worth every dollar spent for our commercial vehicles, as it helps save money, reduce accidents, and reduce wear on the tires, making it much more efficient to check air pressure in the tires.

While we mostly use the Truck TPMS model, we also use the Auto TPMS for our employees who drive Ford company cars.

The pressure sensors are easily installed, and many of our employees also use the system on their own motor vehicles.

Both the OEM and aftermarket possibilities are endless; many manufacturers are already using PressurePro as an OEM tire pressure monitoring product.  The newest systems also have Temperature Monitoring, which is another valuable asset of the system.  (And I just read that they now have a “Drop and Hook” system for tractors and up to 3 trailers.)

The safety aspect of PressurePro is unparalleled, as noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which recommends the use of TPMS systems in the interest of safety.

Melbourne, FL

The System Pays for Itself

On our latest trip, we had two incidences where our TPMS monitor alerted us to low pressure tire problems.

We own an Allegro Bus, and have the electronic system on both our coach & horse trailer.  First a tire on our towed vehicle had a nail in it, and then the next day the outside dual tire sensor on the coach also alerted us of a low tire pressure problem.

Either incident would have been costly & perhaps devastating if we had not had the PressurePro.  The cost is minimal compared to the cost of losing a tire. We consider the PressurePro to be our best investment yet!

It is hard to put a value on the reliability this monitoring system has added for us.  I’m finding the system pays for itself in a short time.

It is refreshing to find not only a product that works as well as PressurePro, and does what it represents it will do, but it’s also rewarding to deal with a professional group we can count on.

Phoenix, AZ

In Summary

PressurePro helps avoid unexpected and unnecessary tire-induced vehicle down-times and the consequences they entail:  contractual penalties, the need for rescheduling loads, damage to fleet reputation, etc.

In most cases, PressurePro can prevent major costs and/or downtime, and will pay for itself on the very first occasion a puncture is detected.  Due to early tire issue warnings, many tires can be repaired before a tire has to be replaced, or a major incident occurs.

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