PressurePro Truck Tire Pressure Monitor

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Hook” Monitor

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Monopole Monitor

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Monopole Monitor


The PressurePro Truck TPMS

The PressurePro Truck Tire Pressure Monitor can monitor up to 64 wheels. The Intelligent “Drop & Hook” version for fleets monitors 16 tires on the Tractor and 16 per trailer – up to three trailers or dollies. The “Standard” Truck Monitor monitors up to 34 wheels, and the RV version monitors up to 16 tires. Properly inflated tires through the use of PressurePro offers drivers peace of mind, will extend tire and tread life by better and increased wear, and thus better tire performance.

Press a button located on the dash Velcro-mounted Monitor digital display to check each tire’s air pressure. Pressure Pro can alert you to low tire pressures and can also signal and show the problem tire location and current pressure. Wireless Sensors replace the valve stem caps and transmit to the Monitor. Easy to self install.  Check and view tire air pressures for each tire while moving down the road or parked. Check your spare tire too!

  • FREE! With each qualified system (Monitor and at least four Sensors) a free stripped-end hard wire power cord and lock nut kit is provided
  • Use with Trucks, Tractor/Trailers, Off Road (mining), 5th Wheels and other vehicles
  • Displays a temperature measurement from the Sensor; sends it to the tire management program (the high pressure alarm will also alert)
    • Low Pressure Alerts at 12.5% & 25%
    • Variable High Pressure Alerts from 10%-45% (factory set at 24%)
    • Self testing capability – signal strength/signal pack
    • May need a Cabled Antenna Kit for better reception; required for tractor/trailers
  • Order Sensors separately, one for each wheel to be monitored.

Power: 12V DC
Connector: USB Mini B style connector
Dimensions: 6.5″W x 3.0″H x 0.5″ D
Frequency: 433.92 MHz FM
Pressure display: PSI, Bar, or kPa
Includes 12 volt lighter accessory power cord and 2.5 inch monopole antenna

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PressurePro is available at trade shows or through our network of Dealers. View our web site for news, a video, and other products (such as systems for an RV, car, towed vehicles, 5th wheels etc.) and accessories at Also visit our home page for all the offerings and to search for other related information. Your safety is our concern!

Save time, fuel, tread wear, add safety and drive green with PressurePro!

Patent pending. Proud to say:  Made in the USA.